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Annual Meetings

As the year draws to a close, many associations get ready to conduct an annual membership meeting. The purpose and procedure ... read more →


What's Gobbling Up Your Time?

I was re-watching Mad Men on Netflix the other night and looking at the portrayal of a 1960s office, with nothing more high-t... read more →

Don't Wait, Start Planning for Software in 2022 Now!

Hard to believe (still in pandemic and all) that we are hurdling towards the holiday season and will soon be arrive at 2022, ... read more →

HOA Horror Stories: Happy Halloween!

Compiling a list of HOA horror stories has become somewhat of a tradition for us this time of year. Whether the Board overrea... read more →

HOA Budget Season

This is the time of year that community associations across the country look back at how well they’ve performed in actual exp... read more →

Keep Your Company and Client Data Safe

The need for convenience and efficiency in accomplishing core management functions should not come at the price of security. ... read more →

Social Media Platforms for HOA's and Property Management

Chances are, in addition to a website, your HOA or Property Management Company uses and/or participates in some form of socia... read more →

Fall into eUnify

eUnify’s main office is located in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, which means that the advent of Fall is a long-awaited rep... read more →

Keeping up with Legislative Changes

State legislatures have been busy this year with changes in the law that have direct impacts on our industry. We don’t have s... read more →

6 Benefits of the Cloud for Property Management

Cloud computing is no longer the future, it’s a convenient reality and if you’re not using it for your property management an... read more →

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