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graduates graduate diploma  graduation cap (11.249 × 6.149 in)It’s graduation season and we want to say congrats to all of you with kids graduating from college, high school, middle school, or if you’re the one graduating from an educational program! Graduation is a time to celebrate personal milestones and plan for what comes next. eUnify shares in celebrating this season, having just hit an important milestone of its own; eUnify is 20 years old! Like other 20-year-olds, we know our journey is far from complete. We are excited to have come this far and even more excited about what the future holds for our business, our customers, and the industry at large. Like the graduates of this season, planning their next steps toward professional goals, we are mapping out our future with strategic partnerships and continual system improvements with our customers in mind. Here are just a few of our developments completed in the past month:

Strategic Partners

3CX Server – We now support 3CX server-side phone integration for 3cx Version 18. With this integration, incoming calls are tracked to the individual owner account which provides detailed call metrics by association, owner, and customer service representative. Contact us to learn more about this powerful phone system integration. Current users of 3CX can find installation instructions at:

Axos Bank – We’ve recently put the final touches on a banking integration with Axos Bank, which enables convenient functionality in our accounting system for associations banking with Axos.

Vive – Integration is now supported for Vive, which provides vendor compliance services. With Vive enabled, vendors are managed in Vive and synced with uManage automatically on a nightly basis and vendors added to Vive during the day can be synced using intra-day update process.

System Enhancements

Invoices – Two major enhancements have been made to invoice functionality in uManage: 1. Invoices can now be grouped when paying from uManage and the system will alert users with an overdraft warning if grouped invoices total more than available funds in the selected account. 2. Vendors are now able to email their invoices to the system for automatic upload. uManage users can see the PDF invoices uploaded on the Manage Invoice page and can filter the list of invoices by whether or not they were uploaded via vendor email.

Workflow Actions – Workflows in uManage now offer more control on the setup side with the option to limit the list of available next actions for any particular action. This means fewer choices for managers when doing violation inspections and less margin for error when selectin next actions during a reinspection.

Workflow Charges – Charges that post with the processing of workflow actions can now be set up as a calculation. This means that a calculated percentage of some owed amount can now be automated as charge when a workflow action is processed. For example, a “Late Fee” can be set up to post to an account when a delinquency notice is processed, and the amount can be set as a percentage of unpaid assessments.

Homeowner Experience

Amenity Reservations – The reservations system in the CommunityLink portal has been completely updated with a new user interface to make it more user      friendly and match the updated look and feel of our homeowner portals.

We invite you to join us on our journey of professional growth and celebrate future milestones with us as part of the eUnify family.

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