uManage 3 Top Features: Violations, Work Orders + Architecturals

uManage_3_Top_Features.pngDesigned specifically for HOA property management companies, uManage leverages the latest technologies to support the core property management features: Violations, Work Orders and, Architecturals. In today’s wired world, residents demand real-time 24/7 access to their community information. Our cloud-based solution provides anytime, anywhere access along with the tools and features your community managers demand.

uManage_Violations.pngHOA VIOLATIONS

  • Capture +  track HOA Violations while onsite with photos/notes
  • Create customized violation processes for each association
  • Generate professional violations letters
  • Display routes for inspectors with GPS
  • Send Violations via USPS or email

 uManage_Work_Orders.pngWORK ORDERS

  • Create new HOA work orders while onsite
  • Capture a picture of the work to be performed
  • Assign vendor while on property
  • Automatically email work order to assigned vendor
  • Assess and track fines by account
  • Gather Metrics on outstanding and completed work orders



  • Create and manage customized workflows with approvals
  • Notification to managers and boards of critical events
  • Homeowners can submit ARC requests online
  • Track progress of architectural changes
  • ARC Committee collaboration and voting
  • Full reporting keeps you in control of outstanding ARC requests

Property Managers can take uManage with them in the field on our Apple or Android mobile app and record violations and capture violation images on the spot. No more handwriting violation notes. No more re-keying of data. Download the free guide on ALL the uManage Features below!

Download the uManage Features

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