Ditch the Paper and Pen, Automate HOA Violations

Automate_Violations.pngWhen it comes to streamlining and becoming more efficient, automation is key. Most managers are ditching the old pen and paper method of HOA violations capture in favor of today’s software solutions and mobile apps. If you aren’t using a platform (that you like) now, then you should be shopping for one. Consider these points of automation in comparison to pen and paper:

Some solutions out there allow you to reduce the entire process literally to a half dozen taps on your smart phone. Imagine CC&R violators receiving automated communication about the violation via email, portal account, and snail mail (sent same day!), automated notes adding to the homeowner account, automated fines adding to homeowner ledgers, and boards receiving updated activity reports, all with the mobile capture as the single trigger. 

Firms adopting software can reduce time and overhead while managing more communities, serve more homeowners while fielding fewer calls, and work more efficiently while decreasing margin of error.
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