Give Thanks to Your HOA Board and Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is more than shameless gluttony and frenzied shopping; it is truly a transcendent holiday, an American tradition open to all, regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds. It’s an end of season celebration of harvest and a great opportunity to take stock of what matters in life and hopefully feel a bit of gratitude for the people around us. In many families, each member takes a turn identifying something they are grateful for before digging into the turkey feast. While your HOA likely is the last thing on your mind during the holiday season (unless you’ve been cited for leaving decorations up for too long), consider this post a reminder to be thankful for the HOA Board, even if you don’t make mention of it when it’s your turn to say what you’re grateful for at the table.

Here are some reasons to be thankful for your HOA Board:

  • Board Members serve the community on a volunteer basis, offering their time and talents without compensation.

  • The Board exists to help the community preserve property value and often save the rest of the neighborhood money by not offloading tasks to professional managers.

  • Serving on the Board is often a thankless job, especially since the Board has the responsibility of enforcing architectural guidelines and other community regulations.

  • Board members are your neighbors, not a faceless corporation.

  • Best of all, as long as the Board serves….you don’t have to!
Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!
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