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RFP's with uManage

State law and/or association governing documents might require that you get multiple bids on all common area projects. Gettin... read more →

uManage Vendor Portal....You Need It!

Vendor management means keeping track of a lot of moving parts, especially for larger management companies, who might work wi... read more →

Renewal, Challenges and Opportunities for New Software

With everything going on post pandemic, and taking a broader view, what this month brings is renewal.  At this time of renewa... read more →

Architectural Review Process with eUnify

eUnify streamlines architectural review by automating plan submission, manager and committee review, communication, voting, a... read more →

uManage: The Complete Package for Managers

uManage is the complete package for managers.  uManage lives in the cloud, so there’s nothing to download or install, and you... read more →

Help Us, Help You!

As a member of the eUnify Support Team, I field all types of customer calls and emails to help assist you with using uManage ... read more →

No Connection? No Problem! Offline Mode for Violations

Some mobile solutions run on mobile browsers, requiring a constant LTE connection, which uses a lot data. These tend to run s... read more →

Fall into eUnify

eUnify’s main office is located in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, which means that the advent of Fall is a long-awaited rep... read more →

May Brings Renewal, Challenges and Opportunities

We all know the rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers”.  Taking a broader view, what May brings is renewal.  At this time o... read more →

Mobile Inspections, Uninterrupted

The growing ubiquity of cloud-computing is built on the assumption of stable and secure remote access. For association manage... read more →

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