SPRING! into eUnify

Spring into eUnify 2022It is officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Warmer temperatures are likely a welcome change for anyone hit by the recent burst of winter weather. Aside from warmer days and greener landscapes, Spring brings a number of HOA management challenges easily addressed with the aid of eUnify’s complete management software offerings.

April 1st is this Friday and the 90-day mark from the first of the year, which means it’s time to get serious about cracking down on delinquencies. eUnify’s Accounting module, built into uManage, is a full-fledged accounting platform, competitive with all the major titles in the community association industry. eUnify Accounting is complete with AR, AP, and GL functions, banking integration, automatic posting of recurring charges, and delinquency processing. Add late fees and interest and send out delinquency notices to homeowners through uManage. eUnify also makes escalating delinquencies to attorneys when necessary with two options: 1. Direct integration with appLega, allowing for delinquent accounts to be pushed into the case management system your attorney uses (if they are an appLega client), or 2. An online attorney portal tool called aAccess to give attorneys secure online, focused access to delinquent account information.

Work Orders:
Pulling back the blanket of snow each Spring can reveal problems that were hidden under the wintery cover. You might find broken sprinklers, damaged fencing, or perennials that didn’t survive in common areas maintained by the community. eUnify’s system of Work Order management in uManage is a great way to document, assign, and track progress on work orders. Vendors you contract with can make use of eUnify’s Vendor Portal to gain dedicated access to work orders assigned to them. Vendors can customize the color scheme of their portal, add notes to work orders, mark work as completed, and even issue invoices for completed work through the Vendor Portal.

Winter weather is particularly hard on some of the more expensive assets in a community. If you discover that Winter has pitted your community streets with potholes, cracked your walkways, or put your pool filter out of commission, you might need to get some bids. Due diligence is important to document for these larger projects and the RFP module built into uManage makes it easy to define the scope of work, upload supplemental documentation, and send requests to selected vendors. Vendors in receipt of your RFP generated by uManage receive an email with a link to secure page containing details about the RFP, including links to download related documents, and a space to upload their completed proposal. Once a vendor returns their proposal, the manager or board member is alerted. Vendor proposals are visible in uManage for review awarding the winning bid.

April showers bring WEEDS, along with May flowers. Homeowners might need a friendly reminder to pull the weeds, replant the garden border, or prune their trees as the weather warms up. The uManage mobile app is the perfect tool for covenant enforcement. The app is available for Apple and Android devices, is GPS-enabled, works using customized violation types and CC&R references, and even works OFFLINE. You never have to worry about data connection when working on the uManage mobile app.

Spring is the season of renewal, making it the perfect time to reinvigorate the management of your communities with eUnify and its complete management software suite.Learn More About eUnify

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