Security Savvy 101: Keep Your HOA and Property Management Data Safe


The need for convenience and efficiency in accomplishing core property management functions should not come at the price of security. No one wants to be the next “big box” chain to compromise their HOA client data. Consider these 4 tips to keep your company and client data safe when purchasing property management software:

  1. IN the CLOUD: It might seem counterintuitive, but statistics show cloud-based computing is actually safer than traditional IT systems.

  2. ENCRYPTION: If you choose to adopt a web application or hosted solution, be sure to ask about encryption. 

  3. ONLINE PAYMENTS: When offering homeowners the convenience of making online payments, security should be the primary concern. 

  4. FREE SOFTWARE: A common practice with free software downloads is to include a host of unwanted applications, search engines, or antivirus programs. 

To learn more in depth about each of these 4 points download Security Savvy 101 today.

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