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As the weather warms up, it’s probably time to spruce up the landscaping, fix the potholes in the street, and get the pool ready. These and other projects that fall under the purview of board members and association managers require due diligence in vetting vendors. Management companies typically work with a list of preferred vendors, but numerous bids are should be sought to get the best vendor, price, and final result for a project.

State law and/or association governing documents might require that you get multiple bids on all common area projects. Getting numerous bids keeps you in compliance with these rules and helps ensure a fair process, not weighted by favoritism.

eUnify Does RFPs!
eUnify is excited to announce a new Request for Proposal 'RFP' system built into its uManage platform. With the uManage RFP system, you can easily send proposal requests to your vendor list. You set the scope of work, due date, and proposal requirements. Vendors are emailed the RFP details and provided a secure link through which a proposal can be submitted for consideration. Management conducts an initial review of proposals for completion and board members get to vote up or down on each bid, awarding their project to the vendor with the majority vote.

Why Use eUnify for RFPs?

  • Standardization – It is important to present a uniform scope of work when sending out RFPs. With eUnify, one job with the same details and parameters is submitted to multiple vendors. As managers review submitted proposals, they can verify that the full scope of work has been addressed. Vendors can submit supplemental proposals before the set deadline in case they missed something in the first submission. Having a uniform way of submitting RFPs to vendors and reviewing proposals helps reduce the time needed to come to a decision so work can begin and the pool can be ready for use.

  • History – When it comes to complying with statute and association guidelines, it’s always a good idea to document history. Managers and boards should be able to prove that they took the proper steps to vet vendors for a project. Using the RFP system in uManage means you have full history saved in a secure but accessible space, including when the RFP was created, which vendors it was sent to (which vendors responded and the details of their response), manager acceptance of select plans for board review, how each board member voted, and which vendor was awarded the contract.

  • Automation – Automated processes replace endless emails between managers, boards, and vendors. Various notifications alert everyone to key developments in the lifecycle of an RFP. Vendor proposals, complete with uploaded documents, are automatically tied to the RFP in uManage. Board member recommendations and final vote are also tied to the same RFP record. Everything related to the original RFP is organized around it, making the process more transparent and easier to track.

  • Nothing to Install – Vendors and board members do not need to install anything to participate in the RFP process. uManage and the Resident Portal are cloud-based, providing instant access to managers and board members with the use of only a browser. Vendors have it even easier, they don’t even need login access to submit a proposal. When an RFP is sent to a vendor, a secure link included in the email directs to a simple, single page submission form with a space for notes and an easy-to-use drag and drop control for uploading documents. It’s important to keep the process simple for bidding vendors, too many hoops to jump through could scare away qualified vendors.

eUnify markets itself as being the “Everything but Accounting” solution. The newly-developed RFP system is just one of many powerful tools in eUnify’s product suite to take association management online and in the cloud. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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