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Mobile Inspections Uninterrupted 2020The growing ubiquity of cloud-computing is built on the assumption of stable and secure remote access. For association managers, this has meant the transition from pen and paper to mobile account lookup, and violation and work order capture on smart phones and tablets. When your work depends on a data connection, what happens when the signal is weak or lost? This issue has been a major challenge and frustration to managers all over the country as management companies have adopted cloud-based systems. From the very first version of our mobile app for compliance, over 5 years ago, eUnify has addressed these concerns. Offline access continues to set our mobile app apart from others. These are the key features of the uManage mobile app keep your mobile inspections uninterrupted:

Truly Mobile:
This has been a marketing point for us from the start, but what do we mean by “truly mobile”? A lot of competing products are built as mobile web browser applications, whereas uManage is a true mobile app available for download in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. For us, “truly mobile” means available in official app stores, which has the decisive benefits of independent testing and vetting in order to be available in both stores, and perhaps most importantly, being able to work without a data connection! With the uManage mobile app, you only need a data connection to load association information and sync up captured violation and work order activity. If you lose connection while on an inspection, you will not lose your work and you will not have to stop working!

Offline Mode:
While we already had you covered with lost data connections, we took things one step further and built in a full “Offline Mode”. The way this works is to allow users to load multiple associations to their phone/tablet while connected to Wi-Fi or wireless data. Once the list of associations is loaded, users can go offline and complete their inspection route, toggling between associations and accounts without needing a live connection. Once back in the office, all the data collected is synced with our servers and letters are generated automatically. We have many clients using Wi-Fi only devices to save on data plans.

Even with an active data connection, syncing with the server could take some time. The biggest reason for this is the amazing cameras built into all of our devices now. 18 megapixels and portrait mode make for some impressive Instagram selfies, but it turns out you don’t need a photo with high enough resolution to blow up to poster size when it comes to snapping a photo of trash cans left out on the curb. We compress photos in our mobile app to bring these incredibly large photos back down to size, saving you data and time. Don’t worry, we keep them large enough to blow up full size with perfect clarity on any computer monitor.

There’s nothing worse than losing your work. Eliminate the stress of keeping your fingers crossed while doing your inspections with our uManage app. We will never lose your data. eUnify is proudly cloud-based, but when it comes to mobile compliance, we prefer not to assume your connection will always be uninterrupted.

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