Is Your Mobile App Smart?

Is Your Mobile App Smart.pngCompliance enforcement is a big deal. As a property manager, you probably have 5-10 (or more) associations to take care of and you spend a lot of time and effort on compliance. Boards need your help to crack down on CC&R violations, and laws all over the country are becoming stricter when it comes to notifying homeowners and escalating violations to fines. This requires you to be consistent and precise while driving neighborhoods and visually inspecting hundreds or thousands of homes each week. You need software to help you keep track of it all and a reliable mobile app to capture violations. You have a few software options to choose from, but what really is the smart choice? Here’s a quick list of what we think is smart to look for and some dumb things to avoid in mobile violations apps:

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Looking at our quick list, the overall theme is stability. Why risk your work and valuable time on an app that crashes unpredictably, or that requires you have a perfect internet connection at all times? We often say that our uManage mobile app is “truly mobile”. By this we mean it is a mobile app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is important because it proves that the app has been vetted and reviewed; Apple won’t post just anything to the App Store. Our app and every new version that is released is deemed safe and stable to be listed in those spaces.

A true mobile app lives in your device, making use of local storage. When internet connection is lost, our uManage mobile app keeps working, saving all those violations and photos in your device.Everything syncs up as soon as connection is regained. The uManage mobile app actually has an offline mode, so you can use Wi-Fi only devices and save on company data plans. Offline mode allows you to load up to 5 associations of account data into the device and work all day without worrying about reconnecting to a network. Once the device is online again, all the violations and photos are saved to the eUnify server and letters to homeowners are generated automatically.

Truly mobile is truly smart.

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