HOA Horror Stories – Happy Halloween!


We all hear the Homeowner Association horror stories, because those are the ones that make catchy headlines. The truth is that at least 4 out of 5 of associations in the US are quietly humming along, keeping community order and preserving local home values. The remaining 20% give us a list of scary stories to celebrate the nightmare of suburbia created by dysfunctional HOA boards, predatory vendors, and petty neighbors alike, here are 3 stories:



In Glendale, Arizona, one homeowner invested $40,000 into his haunted house, but the Homeowner’s Association he belongs to is threatening to bring about a $2,500 fine for each night he operates his house of terror. He spent two years on the construction of his horror house; however, he failed to get proper approvals before spending the funds to decorate his home. He altered a community wall, planned to open community gates to outsiders, and planned to charge a fee for entrance… all neighborhood violations.



In Las Vegas, crime kingpin Leon Benzer siphoned the lifeblood from victim HOAs by paying off puppets to serve on HOA boards and steer lucrative contracts to his company. Benzer and the late construction-defect lawyer Nancy Quon were the "principal architects" of the multimillion-dollar scheme. The goal was to gain control of HOA boards through election rigging, obtain construction-defect litigation contracts for Quon and, ultimately, funnel repair work to Benzer's company, Silver Lining Construction. Quon never was charged, but killed herself in March 2012 under the weight of the federal investigation. The wide-ranging conspiracy left a trail of ruin in its wake, including HOAs with substandard repair work, defrauded mortgage companies and homeowners with diminished property values, with crimes including mortgage fraud, election fraud, threats of violence and intimidation, abuse of the judicial process, tax fraud and obstruction of justice.



A Louisville man, Mahmoud Yousef Hindi opened fire at a homeowners association meeting, killing one and critically wounding another after the board brought zoning violation charges to the city for a fence and driveway not built to code.

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