Now We’re Talking – HOA Accounting Integration with eUnify

Accounting_Integration_Cover_resize.pngFinding new property management software can be challenging, you want to make sure that the new software will be able to integrate with platforms you are currently using. Integration saves you time and the need for duplicate data entry, so confirming cross-platform compatibility is an important point in the shopping process. eUnify integrates with C3, Jenark, Quickbooks, Sage and TOPS. We developed proprietary integration in collaboration with these property management accounting titles to automate initial import of account data, and continued synchronization through nightly automatic processes.

eUnify is committed to continually innovating and evolving to match your business needs. We maintain a regular schedule of update releases and are willing to listen to suggestions for enhancing our system, as well as integrate with leading accounting software. We have an open API policy, which means our list of accounting integration partners will continue to grow over time. Download the eUnify Accounting Integration eBook now.

eUnify Accounting Integration eBook

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