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Find What you Need with eUnify.pngWe spend a shocking amount of time looking for things. If you’ve ever lived in a fourth-floor walk-up apartment, you might have a more acute sense of how much lost time and energy lies in losing track of items and forgetting things you need (I used to make it up and down the stairs 3 times a day before getting everything I needed for the day!).

When it comes to work, disorganization and difficulty in tracking down needed items is a major problem. Some studies have shown employees of any business spend several hours a week looking for documents and information. This is a huge productivity drain, essentially wiping out the time value of 1 in 5 employees in any given week. Property managers have so much information to keep track of for accounts in multiple associations. Data management is a big part of property management and that requires efficiently designed tools for easy entry, tracking, and lookup. eUnify makes it easy to locate the information you need, all in one platform. Here are some of the functions in eUnify that help you find information:

Tracked Items
Any item issued by the association can be assigned a serial number and tied to a homeowner account or unit. Tracked Item Types are customizable, so this function can be adapted to meet any specific tracking need for the association. Examples of how this can be used include, pool keys, gate cards, storage lockers, parking spaces, etc. Reports can display tracked items in an easy-to-read format and can be filtered by type for easy lookup. Tracked Items show on homeowner accounts and can be viewed in aggregate on a “Manage Tracked Items” page.

Custom Account/Unit Details
Create custom fields for both homeowner accounts and the units/lots they own. Custom values might indicate who has insurance policies on file, or which units have fire sprinklers, gas meters, or new windows. Run a report to get all these details formatted into one simple document.

Vehicle Lookup
Keep track of all types of vehicles on homeowner accounts, including cars, trucks, boats, RVs and more. License plate numbers, make, model, year, pass expiration, and custom notes can be stored for each vehicle, and this information is searchable across the database. For communities that enforce parking and traffic violations, making note of license plate numbers makes for easy lookup in the database.

Activity Pages
Activities tracked for homeowner accounts, including violations, work orders, and architectural requests, along with “Tracked Items”, vehicles, and pet information, are all visible, filterable, and searchable on dedicated “Manage” pages, which show all relevant items based on filter/search parameters. Results lists are exportable, so these pages function as reports, as well.

Data Cube Lookup
eUnify is working on a multidimensional database query tool to allow users full flexibility in cross-referencing account data points. Run custom queries, such as the number of tenanted units with open violations, or list results of accounts created after a specific date that have architectural plans.

Mobile App
The uManage mobile app can display account activities, “Tracked Items”, association facts, board and committee members, and integrated ledger information. Managers in the field are able to find important information on-the-go.

Pet Finder
Association portals often have lost and found functions, and sadly, these are often filled with “lost pet” entries. eUnify is building a “Pet Finder” page into resident portals where lost pet information can be viewed, and found pet information can be entered.

eUnify continues to grow its universe of property management tools and functions with a focus on database architecture. The right architecture and design behind the scenes means a user-friendly system and efficient ways of looking up important information.

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