eUnify, The Gift That Keeps on Giving

eUnify present.pngeUnify believes in the adage that it is better to give than to receive. Skipping a full Christmas analogy, let’s simply say we have a “workshop” of dedicated developers, who really wouldn’t like being compared to elves, constantly updating and improving our products. While Christmas comes but once a year, the eUnify workshop turns out new “toys” every 2-3 weeks, striving to continually give to our clients in the following ways:

We Listen
We do our best to serve our customers’ needs by listening and understanding feedback, and translating it into meaningful system enhancements. Almost all of the development work we do is driven by client feedback and requests. We might not check off every wish-list item, but we do consider all requests in terms of feasibility and how useful they might be for other users. No one knows the HOA industry better than our management company clients and we gratefully rely on them in making our platform best suited to industry needs.

We Deliver
Most software providers are not able to promise system updates or enhancements at all, let alone a schedule or timeline for such requests. eUnify operates on a biweekly continual deployment cycle, which means that new features, functions, and fixes are released every 2-3 weeks. eUnify developers are hard at work in two shifts every business day to make possible the quick turnaround of enhancements.

We Give You Accounting
We’ll define this in two ways the word “accounting” might be interpreted here:

  1. We give an accounting of what we’ve been working on through Release Notes, which are posted periodically to the uManage site (see the “New Features” dashboard block on the Home page for links to Release Notes).

  2. We give you a full-featured accounting platform! Over the past year and a half, we have built a full accounting module into uManage! We give you the option of integrating your current accounting system, if using one of our valued integration partners (C3, Jenark, QuickBooks, TOPS, VMS), or using our uManage product as an all-in-one platform for accounting, compliance, work orders, architectural review, and many other operations functions. Our accounting module integrates with several industry banks for statement, balance, and check lookup, auto-posting of lockbox payments, and many more convenient features.

We Give to All
Being cloud-based, uManage and the Resident Portals by eUnify are built on a single code base. Updates applied to the system are available to all. eUnify clients benefit long-term by receiving the gift of frequent and free updates to the system.

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