eUnify Accounting Does It ALL!

Our Accounting Does It AlleUnify offers a full accounting platform for community management with powerful automation and integration advantages.  The complete package includes all the accounting functions necessary to maintain homeowner accounts, invoice vendors, receive payments, reconcile statements and produce financial reports.

Bank Integration: eUnify currently integrates with Alliance Association Bank, CIT, Pacific Premier Bank, and Union Bank. Bank integration is critical for efficiencies and accuracy in your accounting operation. eUnify bank integration empowers you with:
  • Automated Reconciliation:  Transactions are automatically retrieved from the bank and matched to existing transactions
  • Real-Time Balance Transfers(!):  You can transfer money between bank accounts from within eUnify’s system!
  • Bank Statements:  View bank statements without logging into the bank’s site. Bank statements are automatically included along with the bank reconciliation in the board packet.
  • Check Images:  Retrieve check images, again without having to log into the bank’s site.
  • Bank Balance Report:  Run reports across all your association accounts for a quick view of current bank balances including both GL and actual bank balances.
  • Automatic Validation Files:  Validation files are created automatically and sent to the bank each night.
  • Process Lockbox Payments:  Process lockbox payments with zero effort. Payments sent to the bank are sent to eUnify via integration and applied to owner account ledgers.
  • Stop Payments: Voided checks automatically produce a stop payment request at the bank.

Automated Recurring Charges: We make it easy to set up charge profiles for assessments, late fees, interest, and other association charges. You can create and assign assessment profiles based on factors such as square footage, percent ownership, empty lot vs. built home, and set late fees and interest to auto-post based on your schedule. You still have the option of posting charges manually, and can post en masse, even multiple associations at a time. Recurring charges can be scheduled on any periodic basis, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. eUnify truly offers a “set it and forget it” approach to managing regular recurring charges.

Zego Integration: Integration with Zego offers many of the same conveniences as banking integration. Homeowners paying with credit card or eCheck through the eUnify portal enjoy a seamless SSO experience linking them into their related Zego account, where they can set up automatic recurring payments. Payments processed by Zego post into homeowner account ledgers with no files to download or transactions to import and apply; everything is automated. Additionally, Zego integration ensures the Zego bank deposits match the eUnify deposits so bank reconciliation is a snap!

eUnify Accounting includes:

Accounts Payable Chart of Accounts Invoices Recurring Charges
Accounts Receivable Check Printing Invoice Approvals Reporting
Automation Coupon Processing Journal Entries Statements
Bank Integration Delinquency Processing Lockbox Vendor Management
Board Packages Expense Analyzer Payment Notifications 1099 Processing
Budgeting General Ledger Reconciliation Zego Integration

Download our Accounting brochure below!

eUnify Accounting Features

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