Communicate, Collaborate, Participate with eUnify Resident Portals

communicate_collaborate_participate.png Resident Portals are a dynamic web application that streamlines communication, giving all homeowners 24/7 access to community information. Whether you want to find a babysitter, sell a lawnmower, get a recommendation on an electrician, or find the date and time of the next board meeting, web portals are the cornerstone for community communication and social interaction.
Take a look at eUnify's resident portals:

1. COMMUNICATE.                                  

There are many ways to communicate with the community in your portal.   Post an Announcement, send an eBlast or start a discussion to generate ideas or voice opinions.


Collaborate with members by maintaining an up-to-date directory with full search capabilities. Setup and join groups to organize various social clubs with the community.

3. PARTICIPATE.                                        

Take active participation within the community with surveys. This is a great tool to gather feedback from the community or to conduct a vote. What’s your favorite color?

Community Resident Portals 

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