6 Benefits of the Cloud for your HOA

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Cloud computing is no longer the future, it’s a convenient reality and if you’re not using it for your HOA, you could be missing out on some valuable and handy features. Cloud-based software options are available for just about every function your HOA needs to accomplish, from accounting and online payments, to CC&R enforcement and communicating with residents.

Here are 6 Benefits to putting your HOA in the cloud:

  1. Easier – Out of sight, out of mind

  2. Cheaper – No bulky, expensive (loud) hardware!

  3. Access – Do your work anytime, anywhere

  4. New Standard – Cloudy skies ahead in tech world (that’s a good thing)

  5. Transition – Pass baton to incoming board members easily

  6. Disaster Recovery – Have a built-in backup plan

Putting your HOA’s accounting in the cloud will save you time and energy by simplifying the tasks you perform as a volunteer board member.

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