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No Connection? No Problem! Offline Mode for Violations

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Mar 11, 2020 10:49:23 AM

No Connection, No Problem 2020
Some mobile solutions run on mobile browsers, requiring a constant LTE connection, which uses a lot data. These tend to run slower and are less robust than true mobile applications. uManage is an application that saves inspection data, such as HOA violations locally on the device to increase speed and avoid problems associated with loss of internet connectivity. With eUnify's uManage app, you can work offline without ever losing ANY work if you lose connection! NEVER lose your inspections again. 

Additionally, you want a mobile app that works on a variety of devices so you don’t have to go out and buy the latest tablet for your entire staff. The app should also work if the data connection drops so data is not lost or efforts duplicated. For convenience, it is important that the app you choose is intuitive with a clean, simple design to reduce training and support time, and that it displays all of the information you might you want to see when on property, such as open violations, work orders, architectural requests, account notes, or community gate codes.  Check out uManage today!

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