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Mobile App vs. Manual Process for HOA Violations and Home Inspections

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Mar 11, 2015 8:30:00 AM


HOA Property managers can now capture violations while doing a home inspection, answer homeowner questions and much more on the go from their smartphone or tablet.  Making managers truly “mobile” offers efficiency and more time to focus on important activities that add value to the company. A brief comparison of mobile vs. manual processing follows:     


MOBILE APP                            vs.                   MANUAL PROCESS

  • Property Managers take handwritten notes in the field and have to wait until they get back to the office to manually enter their notes and any pictures they may have taken.
  • Navigate the association quickly with a GPS-enabled map to view violations and work orders along with your current location (uManage)
  • Managers are not able to see a comprehensive view of existing violations, and do not have a clear view of the current inspection route.
  • Easily toggle between map and list views. Color-coded pins make it easy to see open violations and work orders.
  • Without an interactive list or map of accounts and compliance history, managers could miss important re-inspections or portions of larger associations during an inspection.
  • Complete mobile tasks even with spotty or no internet coverage, look for a mobile app that saves data locally, so internet connection is never a problem.
  • Internet connection is not a concern for handwritten notes, but all these must be input when back in the office, duplicating efforts.
  • Enter violations from a list of custom types with standardized, pre-formatted text. Letters incorporate account info and standardized text, including CC&R References.
  • Notes and letters are not in standardized format and CC&R references might have to be looked up separately.
  • Sync violations with the server and generate compliance letters automatically, so they are ready to print and mail as soon as you return from your route.
  • Tedious data entry with a higher margin for error, since notes might be hard to read, and are not programmatically tied to homeowner accounts


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