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Sarah Sukta

Sarah Sukta is the Director of Marketing for eUnify, cloud based property management software. She received her Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University and is Inbound Marketing Certified.
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HOA Horror Stories – Happy Halloween!

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Oct 26, 2017 8:15:00 AM

We all hear the Homeowner Association horror stories, because those are the ones that make catchy headlines. The truth is that at least 4 out of 5 of associations in the US are quietly humming along, keeping community order and preserving local home values. The remaining 20% give us a list of scary stories to celebrate the nightmare of suburbia created by dysfunctional HOA boards, predatory vendors, and petty neighbors alike, here are 3 stories:

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Social Media for Property Management Companies and HOA's Part II

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Sep 13, 2017 9:05:00 AM

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Social Media for Property Management Companies and HOA's - Part I

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Sep 6, 2017 10:30:31 AM

Chances are, in addition to a website, your HOA or Property Management Company uses and/or participates in some form of social networking. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, social media is a great way to share information as well as build an active online community. Social media can be used to remind members about upcoming board meetings and other community events, open discussion forums for planned maintenance projects, or gather feedback from residents regarding community topics.
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Software in the Cloud, Keeps Money in the Bank

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Aug 17, 2017 8:40:02 AM

When it comes to technology and selecting software providers, it is extremely important to consider the cost of software. Equally important is assessing the true IT costs of your operation. Shopping for software comes with some degree of sticker shock, but if software can offset other IT costs, it might be well worth updating your budget and maybe earning a few extra rewards points/miles on your credit card. Let’s consider one key “must-have” when it comes to choosing software and ensuring a quicker return on investment: Cloud-computing. Below is a quick rundown on what it means to be “in the cloud” and why it is so critical in terms of cost-savings, and adding true value to your business.

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Security Savvy 101: Keep Your HOA and PM Data Safe

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Aug 9, 2017 8:30:00 AM

The need for convenience and efficiency in accomplishing core property management functions should not come at the price of security. No one wants to be the next “big box” chain to compromise their HOA client data. Consider these 4 tips to keep your company and client data safe when purchasing property management software:

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Software for HOA Architecturals

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Aug 2, 2017 8:05:00 AM


The architectural review process can be tedious and entirely manual without software. Here’s an example of how this process might play out:

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Topics: Software, uManage, resident portals, architectural reviews

Work Orders Made Easy with eUnify

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Jul 26, 2017 8:25:00 AM

Keeping track of work orders is a critical task for board members and property managers. Approved WO not only dip into funds from the operating budget, but could also have bearing code compliance, equipment warranty terms, and most importantly, the health and safety of homeowners. Because so much is potentially at stake when it comes to maintaining an association and its assets, the use of an integrated database solution is important for tracking progress, reporting to boards, and keeping history of completed WO's.

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Topics: Software, uManage, eUnify, work orders

Online Voting with eUnify

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Jul 12, 2017 8:35:00 AM

Changes in dues, reshuffling of the HOA board, and ballot measures to amend governing documents or approve projects all carry the potential for charged emotions and political interest. On top of all that, there are the basic logistics of producing and sending out mailers to homeowners. In order to alleviate some of the headache that comes with elections, online voting is gaining popularity, and rules surrounding online election requirements are being detailed in state legislatures around the country.

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HOA in the Summer 2017

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Jun 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Summer is finally here!  And we need to make sure our HOAs stay cool and safe in the upcoming summer months.  Whether it’s the safety of children or pets or even complying with HOA rules and regulations, here are 3 good summer HOA blogs.  Click on the titles to read more.

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Topics: Property Management, Community, HOA

Tech Trends + HOA Management 2017

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Jun 7, 2017 2:21:26 PM

General trends in technology over the past decade are beginning to have a big impact on HOA management.  Very few software titles catering to the needs of property management were available up until fairly recently.  If you attend conferences technology topics are inevitably on the speaking agenda, and trade show floors are dotted with software vendors (it’s not just landscapers, law firms, and banks filling all those booths anymore).

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