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Chris Kelsey

Chris Kelsey is the Director of Support for eUnify, cloud based property management software. He serves on the board of his self-manage HOA and has earned a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University.
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Love Your Neighbor

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Jun 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The world is on fire, or at least it can feel that way with the succession of biological and economic disasters, and social revolution in process. Flip through memes on social media and it’s clear that people are applying humor to understand and cope with the dramatic environment we find ourselves in. Humor gives us brief reprieve from the stress of it all, and any step back we take for a minute shines a bright light on the fact that there is still so much that’s good, and so much opportunity to do better. Searching for humor in social media feeds reveals a seemingly equal tripartite mix of funny memes, “Karens” in fits of rage, and meaningful social discourse. Focusing more on the meaningful discourse, a million acts of kindness are revealed. People are reaching out and showing love to their literal and proverbial neighbors in unexpected ways.

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Can’t Imagine Not Being in the Cloud!

Posted by Chris Kelsey on May 20, 2020 10:11:13 PM

As businesses across the globe scrambled to enable “work from home” models a couple of months ago, one eUnify client provided this feedback: “I can’t even imagine not being in the cloud, all this would have been so much harder on our old system!”. Crisis shows the cracks in everything; cracks in society, systems, and services. Inequities and inefficiencies are made worse under the added stress of crisis. Businesses without the right infrastructure and software were forced overnight to figure out workable solutions. All of us in the HOA industry perform essential functions that keep neighborhoods safe and operating smoothly. For our essential work, being in the cloud is, well, essential, and here’s why:

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Post-Crisis Management

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Apr 22, 2020 8:30:00 AM

They say the worst thing you can do in a crisis is fail to recognize you’re in one. With the constant news coverage, school closures, and life on lockdown, this crisis has our attention. Every one of us is impacted and has made difficult sacrifices. For many of us, it has been a time to assess what we can control and how we can improve ourselves and our businesses. For us in the HOA industry, we can’t get so caught up in crisis management that we fail to consider our lives as post-crisis managers. There is so much uncertainty weighing on the world now that it might make you hesitate to plan too far ahead, but now is the perfect time to be forward-thinking, restructure, and prepare for a future with new challenges.

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What Board Members Can Do during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Mar 18, 2020 8:33:49 AM

Everything seems to be shutting down in an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In 2003, when the SARS outbreak began, I was near the epicenter in Taiwan. It felt other-worldly, like being in a movie stepping outside one day to see busy streets of people, all wearing masks, building security at every hi-rise taking temperature readings from the foreheads of anyone who wished to enter, and seeing society effectively shut down temporarily. While the HOA may be the last thing on anyone’s mind, if you serve on the Board for your community, it’s time to take action as a community leader. Here are few things you can be doing now:

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To Be Fair

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Feb 20, 2020 3:10:04 PM

All of us involved in servicing community associations, whether we be vendors, managers, or board members, have the important task of keeping up with legislative trends. Some states have much more complex statutes than others regarding this area of law, but we can expect that trends in these few states that are population centers and planned development community hotspots (California, Florida, Texas) will set precedent and find their way into the legislative agendas of other states. Recently, litigation initiated in Florida, seeks to enforce communities with an online presence into ADA compliance. This post is a follow-up to a previous post regarding Florida legislation requiring community associations to have online resources for all homeowners to access key documents (see, “Portal Up, It’s the Law). Let’s explore the current litigation and how to ensure you aren’t caught in the crosshairs of a similar complaint.

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My New Year’s Resolutions as an HOA Board Member

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Jan 23, 2020 1:59:23 PM

I didn’t bother with official New Year’s Resolutions this year, but “lose weight”, “save more money”, “finish home projects”, etc. will rattle around in the back of my mind for all of 2020, and maybe I’ll make some progress. However, in my capacity as a Board Member and the Vice President of my HOA Board of Directors, I have made a few more concrete resolutions. Below is my list…if you’re a Board Member or Manager, now’s a good time to think about what you want to improve in your communities and professionalism in carrying out the work of community associations

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Onboarding the Board

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Jan 15, 2020 8:30:00 AM

You might be thinking, “New Year, new me” in 2020. If part of what’s new for your in the New Year is election to your HOA Board, or a new career in HOA management, there will be a learning curve related to all the new tasks in your new position. Whether you’re a new board member or property manager, your concerns will be focused on efficiency, communication, transparency, and understanding the metrics that paint the picture of how the association is doing. Board members need to be in the know to fulfill their duties, and rely on managers to present all relevant information for their decision-making. The eUnify Board Portal is a valuable tool in addressing all of these areas of focus in the following ways:

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Season of Celebration (Not Litigation)

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Dec 18, 2019 7:30:00 AM

The holidays are meant to be celebratory, but this time of year presents special challenges to community associations. It is impossible to search for the terms “HOA” and “Holiday” without returning a slew of headlines regarding homeowner battles with their associations over holiday decorations, many of which turn into expensive litigation. If your association needs to adopt holiday regulations, here are some points to consider to prevent such expensive battles:

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Happy Holidays and the HOA

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Nov 20, 2019 4:05:45 PM

The holidays are like the weekend of the year. We work hard the rest of the time and look forward to the things we enjoy the most, shared time and meals with loved ones, overeating (overdrinking?), parties, gifts, laughter, etc., and just like the weekend, somehow it goes by too quickly and ends up more loaded with manual labor and demands than we’d like. Somehow many of us forget about all those demands over the ten months between holiday seasons, and many of us end up stressed out hosting guests and parties, making the house look perfect, and finding gifts for everyone. For those who live in HOAs, community rules, leadership, and events can be one more layer of stress. Board Members and Managers might consider the following to help keep the holidays happy for residents:

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Going Green, Composting

Posted by Chris Kelsey on Oct 17, 2019 1:23:53 PM

I recently sent out a compliance notice to a homeowner in my community for what I thought was a garbage bin left out in plain view, and in violation of our CC&Rs. I was informed by the homeowner that it was a composting bin, a fact which they served to me with a measure of snark equal to the amount of slop in the bin, I’m sure, along with an implicit accusation that the HOA was not supporting the homeowner going green. Really, the issue is not with composting in this instance; if the bin were placed out of sight, no one would even know about it…or care. However, the homeowner’s attempt to turn the citation into something it wasn’t, an argument about the environment, got me thinking about composting specifically, and in more general terms, how the community might be more supportive of eco-friendly initiatives. I went down the rabbit’s hole researching composting, and even decided to start doing it myself (but there will be no bucket of slop in my yard!). Here’s some of what I learned, and some things for HOAs to watch out for as homeowners “go green”.

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