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6 Benefits of the Cloud for Property Management + HOAs

Posted by Sarah Sukta on Apr 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM

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Cloud computing is no longer the future, it’s a convenient reality and if you’re not using it for your property management and/or HOA, you could be missing out on some valuable and handy features. Cloud-based software options are available for just about every function your management company or HOA needs to accomplish, from accounting and online payments, to CC&R enforcement (violations!) and communicating with residents.

Here are 6 Benefits to putting your HOA in the cloud:

1. Easier                                                                                  
Out of sight, out of mind

2. Cheaper                                                                              
No bulky, expensive (loud) hardware!

3. Access                                                                                 
Do your work anytime, anywhere

4. New Standard                                                                    
Cloudy skies ahead in tech world (that’s a good thing)

5. Transition                                                                            
Pass baton to incoming board members easily

6. Disaster Recovery                                                              
Have a built-in backup plan

Putting your HOA’s accounting in the cloud will also save you time and energy by simplifying the tasks you perform as a volunteer board member.

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